Bogdan Scurtu

Striking a note in the world of music, a virtuoso not just as a solo artist, but also as a collaborative force in numerous ensembles such as the Aldon Ensemble, the Palm Beach Opera, and the American Mozart Orchestra, to name a few.

The warmth and expressivity of the bel-canto sound enable the goals of clarinetist Bogdan Scurtu to connect to his audiences and offer them transformative experiences.

Bogdan is Assistant Professor at the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait, where he teaches World Music, Music Appreciation, Music Fundamentals as well as a few other courses.
Bogdan appeared in concerts at Carnegie and Merkin Halls in New York City, as well as in smaller venues in France, the UK, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Jordan, and Kuwait.

A founding member of the Aldon Ensemble, he premiered works of emerging composers in the New York area with the same enjoyment as performing works by Libby Larsen, Prokofiev, Mozart, Sheila Silver, or Stravinsky.
He also dabbled with jazz, electronica, and performed clarinet in a few indie rock bands.

His latest album "Tango della Pioggia" with a series of tangos, is scheduled for release in August 2023. In his free time, he enjoys skiing the Alps, the Rockies, yet nothing beats shredding some Vermont slopes with the crew.