Adriana Paler

Meet rising star from Transylvania to Vienna’s pianist A-list, defying barriers and inspiring with every note played.


Adriana’s extraordinary talent, originality, and unwavering determination have propelled the Romanian-born pianist from a humble mountain village in Transylvania to the esteemed world capital of music, Vienna.

Renowned for her captivating stage presence, profound passion, artistic depth, and mesmerizing sound, she has amassed an impressive collection of 27 competition awards, delighting audiences and earning acclaim from critics across the globe.

In her role as a piano lecturer at the University of Music in Vienna, as well as a distinguished faculty member at prestigious international master classes (most recently, the Eilat Piano Academy), and a respected juror at renowned piano competitions, Adriana Paler has established herself as a revered mentor, known for her sensitivity, motivation, and popularity among students.